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Rewards-Based Balanced Dog Training

Are you too busy to commit to the set schedule of a weekly obedience class?
Has your dog already taken a group class, but still acts out at home?

Are you finding that training your dog is hard while taking care of your kids?

Our private In-Home Dog Training is here to solve that for you.
For those with very busy lives, our In-Home Day Training Programs train your dog, while you are at work.

All of our packages are inclusive of the training tools we use.  We want to set you up on the right foot and ensure your dog has the proper tools for success.  Your included "toolkit" will include a waterproof E-Collar Technologies E-Collar ($200 value), 20' check cord ($20 value) and 6' Leather Leash ($25 value).  Biothane leashes available upon request for those avoiding leather products.


What does Rewards-Based Balanced Dog Training actually mean?

The average pet dog owner often doesn’t have any idea of what “Rewards-Based Balanced Dog Training” means, or how to consistently train their dog to create an enthusiastic & engaged well-behaved family member.  The end result is training their dog with inconsistent methods and tactics based off what they did with a childhood pet dog, often mashed with techniques from the two most popular trainers on television...both of which use techniques in direct contrast with each other.

Flippin’ Pawsome believes firmly in “Marker Training,” which we like to describe as “Clicker Training But BETTER!”  Without use of corrections, your dog will learn what different Marker Words mean so we can “Mark” and “Reward” the skill we are teaching your dog.  A Reward can be food or a ball/tug. We often encourage dogs to work for their meals in early stages to keep their food drive (motivation) high during training.  Food rewards are phased out as Marker Training progresses and they build understanding and duration on their new skills. Think of the dog working for their meals/tug, as you working for your paycheck.  The dog is simply being paid with food/favorite toy for an assignment well-done, in lieu of money.

However, much like you learned as a child, life isn’t all rewards and sometimes there are fair consequences, as part of the learning process.  This is accomplished via proper & humane use of training collars.* Each dog is an individual and will be assessed for it’s needs. We don’t believe in harshness or shutting the dog down.  My goal is to turn your dog into a happy and engaged family member, who isn’t going to view a training collar as “punishment,” but rather as a signal they are going to get out and do FUN THINGS!

*Training collars are not used in our Headstart for Puppies! Program