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In-Home Dog Training

Advantages of In-Home Dog Training

​Personalized one-on-one attention

Training where you need it most...your home

Flexible scheduling with daytime, evening and weekend appointments available

Basic Obedience Package (Consultation and Six Lessons) 

Includes 90 Minute Initial Consultation/Lesson, Six 60-Minute Lessons, Personalized Written Training Plan, "Training Toolkit," and complimentary phone/email support both during and after the training program.

Your dog will learn the following commands:

  - "Come"

  -  "Sit"

  -  "Down"

  -  "Place" (learn how to sit/lay on a specific location)

  -  "Drop" (drop things when you ask them)

  -  "Loose leash walking" (Walking politely beside you)

  -  "Off" (Don't jump on me)

**At the end of the program, your dog will be reliable outside off-leash under distractions.**

Training "Toolkit" Includes:  E-Collar Technologies E-Collar ($200 value), Training Collar ($25 value), 20' Long Lead ($20 Value) and 6' Leather Leash ($25 Value).

Additional Hourly Lessons - $95

Whether you feel your dog needs a refresher lesson down the road, or you'd like to continue past the Basic Obedience Package to teach your dog more advanced obedience commands such as heel, watch, touch, etc, all graduates can take individual hourly lessons focused on exactly what you want.